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Stock Quotes, Charts and News

Dow Jones Industrial Index Components - Delayed stock quotes from Finance.yahoo.com.

Earnings.com - Free ex-dividend calendar and a lot of company info

MarketTracker - The cheapest source of real-time stock and index quotes and charts from Yahoo! ($10.95/month). Can be used with Hyperserver.

HyperServer - free real time quotes downloader and other free trading software - highly recommended!

Quote.com - Free delayed stocks quotes and charts from Lycos Finance

Downloadquotes.com - Free end-of-day quotes downloader

Tradingcharts.com - Free commodity charts and quotes

IQFeed.net - First class real-time stock/futures/options data feed (real-time stocks and indices for $20/month if you subscribe as a QuoteTracker user from here). Here you can download IQFeed client application.

MetaServer RT for Windows DDE feeds data via DDE into your TradeStation 2000i GloabalServer (The free demo version is fully operational, but imports 2 symbols only) .

Medved QuoteTracker - free real time stock and index quotes and charts, from your broker's trading platform, or from IQfeed's data-feed. Now with data backfill. You can also set up e-mail price alerts. Here you can find how to use QuoteTracker as a data feed for TradeStation (in Italian).

IBCharts - a real-time charting application that uses Interactive Brokers Trading Workstation to receive market data.

SF-Station software for receiving real-time quotes for free from your Interactive Brokers Trading Workstation.

Sierra Chart - Inexpensive real-time charts.

Free Yahoo! Recent US market news (2-3 minutes delayed)

Market Calendar - economic data and other events schedule.


Direct Access Brokerages

Note: Equity-Quant.com is NOT associated with and not compensated in any way by the brokerages listed below

Interactivebrokers.com - Direct access trading for $0.7/trade + $0.0035/share (or $0.005/share with $1 minimum). Basket orders accepted, paper trading accounts and stock/futures/options/Forex trading from the same account. Highly recommended

Tradestation Securities - Direct access stock trading for $0.01 per share. There is a monthly platform fee.


Portals, Analytics and Education

FX-Quant.com - Quantitative Forex Trading Program. Trading signals and managed Forex accounts

Investopedia.com -Stocks basics tutorial by Investopedia. Investopedia is a great educational investment website that provides a great resource for both technical and fundamental studies.

Declaration, Ex-dividend And Record Date Defined

Financial Links Online - Comprehensive Directory of the Top Financial Sites on the Internet.

Glossary of Trading Terms - by Man Securities

360financialliteracy.org - 360 Degrees of financial literacy

Futures Directory - Futures directory offers links to Futures and Forex related information including FREE charts & quotes, news, research, trading software, investment books and more!

Stock Market Simulators

Moneycentral Stock Portfolio  - Track your portfolio performance risk free in a simulated account (you can set commission to $1 per trade). Recommended!

www.quote.com/home/portfolio/intro.asp - Create your own portfolios with up to 75 securities for free

Stock-Trak - The Internetīs most trusted virtual stock market simulator (not free)

Free Simulated Stock Account - by Zacks.com ($19.99/trade virtual commission)

Free virtual stock exchange simulator - learn how to trade by actively buying and selling stocks in a virtual $100,000 account, by Investopedia.com ($30/trade virtual commission).


Books and Other Publications

Books on Financial Economics - this is a HUGE list!

A Guide to Understanding Opportunities and Risks in Futures Trading (PDF booklet). This publication is the property of National Futures Association (NFA)

www.sec.gov/investor/students/tips.htm - Tips for teaching students about saving and investing



www.sec.gov/about/laws.shtml - The Laws That Govern the Securities Industry in USA

Trading Odd Lots of Shares

Before you trade - Visit the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) website before trading



The Tao of the Markets - Humour by Kshitij.com

Cartoons for Investors

Build your own ultralight aircraft "Savannah" by I.C.P. - Italy

Build your own Exec 162F Helicopter by Rotorway

Wikipedia.org - the largest free online encyclopedia

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